• The World of Yvonne Marrs – Welcome!

    Since I began back in 2008, there have been a lot of changes in The World of Yvonne Marrs! My professional website is Yvonne Marrs Author You will find more about all of Yvonne’s work via About Yvonne. However, I shall blog here with regular updates of what is happening.

  • The Book Dragon

    An independent bookshop, located in Stockton-on-Tees, The Book Dragon is different! Purely for indie authors like myself, Kirsty McKay and the team are working hard to give little known authors a chance to shine. Their new bookshop online site is now ready, so you don’t need to travel all that way to take advantage of […]


  • Premium Fragrance, my Beauty love!

    Those who know me from years ago, know that I love Premium Fragrance. I landed my dream job as Fragrance Consultant with a well known high street chain store, and loved it – but it was a short term position, as I became ill and needed to change jobs. I was gutted!! Now, I have […]

  • Promotional Videos

    I do hope everyone is following my promotional videos – there are separate videos for my books, then Y Marrs Colourist notebooks and Y Marrs Colourist cards. Find me on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you haven’t already.

  • Y Marrs Colourist eShop!

    Proud to announce that after too many hours to count (!), I have a brand new eShop for orders of my handmade unique cards. https://www.ymarrscolourist.com/

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