The World of Yvonne Marrs – Welcome!

My professional website can be found at As a result, I have condensed this site, but you will find lots more about my work on my other sites via the About page. However, I will blog here. Enjoy your time in my world and if you want to get in touch, please feel free… Continue reading The World of Yvonne Marrs – Welcome!

The World of Yvonne Marrs Merchandise video

Merchandise video is now live on YouTube, showcasing a selection of the designs and products I have created, including the Art Deco collection, a Festive Funny collection, and of course, the Nast Hyde Halt collection. It took me over 5 months to recover enough from the tendonitis in order to get the video put together… Continue reading The World of Yvonne Marrs Merchandise video

New Videos!

Pleased to announce that the new promotional video I have created this morning, (with the help of Mike Izzard, Station Master at Nast Hyde Halt), for my next book – Termination at the Halt – is now live on YouTube. The video for showing products on Redbubble has finally been recorded and will be on… Continue reading New Videos!

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Crazy Categorising

This past week, I have been doing the labour intensive crazy categorising for my novels and my collection of notebooks. Several weeks ago, I updated keywords for all of these listings. Here’s to hoping more categories on Amazon mean that more people can find my books without searching for them by name. 🙂 Progress continues… Continue reading Crazy Categorising

Wading Through the World of Freelance

Wow, it is a lot harder than I (perhaps naively) imagined. Whilst I am currently wading through the world of freelance, and laughing at how ridiculous some of the ‘jobs’ are, I was introduced to the website Medium. A place where writers can post articles for the world to see, on any subject you like.… Continue reading Wading Through the World of Freelance

August Achievements

Today, my 39th book launches, Can’t Buy Health 8, alongside my work on the next book, Termination at the Halt. A lot of research is required in order to make the next book as good as it should be, and I’d like it to rival The Railway Detective books by Edward Marston, in the respect… Continue reading August Achievements

July Beginnings

So, July is here and again the year is flying by! Over the last few weeks, I have been privileged to help Mike Izzard with his railway restoration website. I built his site using WordPress – what else? – and uploaded stories and photos as he sent them. Falling in love with the whole idea,… Continue reading July Beginnings

Yvonne’s Book List

You’ll find a complete list of Yvonne’s books, which are available on Kindle, Kobo and paperback, here: Yvonne Marrs Author, About The Books This is a list that will be kept updated as more works are added 🙂

Designs by Yvonne

Super thrilled to have created a whole new page dedicated to my merchandise for sale on Redbubble. Each design features an item from the varying options available, so click on the designs you like to find out more 🙂

Sunny June

The sun has arrived – and so, my garden office is in full swing! Since my last post, I was struck down by an attack of Diverticulitis, which we think was triggered by my second Covid vaccine. Of course, nothing is for certain. I have been updating my Kobo books and by the end of… Continue reading Sunny June