17th May 2015


I’m launching Free eBook Fridays exclusively on Kindle, for the next three Fridays you can download my third, fourth and fifth books in the WTSMP series for free.

On the 22nd, I’m having a minor op on my neck to relieve the bulging disc that is trapping a nerve. I’m hopeful that it will give me some relief, although the effects are not permanent. Eek!


12th March 2015

It’s the thirteenth anniversary of my move south to pursue my dream of becoming a published author, so it was a fitting date to choose for the launch of my twelfth book, the hotly anticipated follow on to the When The Sax Man Plays series – When The Sax Man Plays … And All That Jazz.

22nd February 2015


Putting mileage into promotional activities – and sorted my website so that it is more streamlined and easier to navigate. Been at it for several hours and not yet finished!


15th February 2015

There are 25 days to go until the launch of my twelfth book. Thanks to the encouragement of the kind and wonderful Lyn, I was still able to write, but not at my desk. MyΒ IT manager found a program on my tablet that enabled me to still write for most of the last year without having to be at my desk. Without the technology, book 12 wouldn’t even be half finished, never mind ready for publication πŸ™‚


1st February 2015

Formatting extracts from manuscripts from both of my fictional series in order to submit them for Manuscript Monday as I’ve been invited to do so by a large Australian publisher. Exciting times!


15th January 2015

I’ve set up another Goodreads giveaway for my first Sax Man book, donated books to charity shops including 60 to the book exchange at the Galleria in Hatfield and working on promoting in other countries now. I was pleased to see that my books began to sell in Japan via Amazon’s Kindle store so it’d be great to crack other markets this year! I’m hoping soon to finish the book using the Elizabethan language I learnt while ghost writing London’s Dark Lines, and I’ve designed the book jackets for the next few books so I’m on the right track for producing another two this year. My minor op on my shoulder was partially successful and I’m hoping that with intensive physio it’ll improve further. I saw a surgeon on Monday who has assessed the damaged nerve in my left wrist and tells me it’s the carpal tunnel nerve, not the De Quervains that I had an operation on in 2007. I’ll be sent for further tests to see if anything can be done to help me. So far it’s a positive start to the New Year, long may it continue πŸ™‚


5th December 2014

Wow, I had no idea how long I’d been out of the loop with the diary element of my site! I’ve not had the best year, but I’ve managed to publish the last two eBooks in the Football Crazy series. I’m having a minor surgical procedure to hopefully fix my problem shoulder on December 23rd, so the festive period will be a quiet one on the writing front while I recuperate.

I’m reading a bit at the moment and have recently discovered Dave Urwin’s book Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run. I posted the link to eBay (under the heading of Websites of Interest) to buy the book from him direct as I think it’s such a fantastic read, everyone should have a copy! But here’s the link in case you missed it.Β

I hope that 2015 will bring another two eBooks, a proper fix of my shoulder problem and the chance to finally use my new DSLR!


26th May 2014

Last night the first review of my ninth novel was put up on Amazon, and it’s another good one. It’s heartening to see!

I had planned to release four books this year, but I’ve had serious problems with my shoulder making sitting at my desk to actually write quite difficult. As usual, I’m ahead of myself, so I have the fifth book in the Football Crazy series virtually ready to go, so that at least will see the light of day this year.

I have made a start on my eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth books, so I’m not completely behind. I just have to bide my time and slow down, something I’m not used to doing.

We head off to Eastbourne for the British grass court tennis season soon, and I’ve modified my kit in order to take photos. I won’t be able to do as much as I normally do, but I must resign myself to this fact or the frustration will get the better of me.


25th March 2014

I’m away to complete the last edit of the fourth book in the Football Crazy series. It’s been a busy time for me, between completing the fifth book in the series, to building a new website to support it, to investigating potential new business partners at this year’s London Book Fair.

There are ideas in my head for my next three novels, but after that, I’m not quite sure where I shall turn my attention to.

As usual, watch this space!


5th February 2014

I’ve just put the final sentence together on my ninth book, Football Crazy 4: A Point To Prove. It’ll be a few weeks yet until it’s ready for release, so I’ve decided to tie it in to London Book Fair, in April this year. I’m pleased with how it turned out, but I’ve left it open for a fifth book to be written – and I’m already looking forward to hammering it out! πŸ™‚


16th January 2014

I had to laugh when I received an email reply from a query sent out to publishers abroad – the Australian ones congratulated me on my prolific work! πŸ™‚

I have decided to have a January sale on my books via Amazon’s marketplace – the first edition of book 1 is a massive 14p!!!!

I had been hoping on Monday last to start reformatting my books in order to upload them to Kobo, however, I was struck with my first migraine in years. A sign to take things easy? I will do it though, the more platforms my work is available on, the better – of course!


4th January 2014

So far 2014 has been full of wet weather and wintry winds!

On New Year’s Eve, I was challenged to write about Paradise Wildlife Park in nearby Broxbourne via their Facebook page. I’m setting the wheels in motion to rise to this challenge – anyone who knows me, will know that this is the sort of thing that I love. I’m also working away on A Point to Prove, the sequel to the Football Crazy trilogy, and of course, my Elizabethan tales.

I heard from Steve, my co-writer on London’s Dark Lines, he’s been thinking about changing several parts and so I’ll receive the manuscript back soon. Perhaps. LOL. Bless him, poor Steve had a terrible 2013 personally but it sounds like he is back on track now.

I’ve started a Beauty blog, entitled Fanciful Fantabulous. At the moment, it is in it’s infancy, so please bear with me whilst I get the ball rolling. You can check out my progress via the link to the site on the left of my main page here, under Yvonne’s Beauty Blog.


25th December 2013

It has been a fantastic year for me – and the WTSMP series. I hope that in 2014 we can take the series to a wider audience. Having withdrawn from the Italian publisher who was interested in my work but didn’t want to agree to my conditions, I will also be looking for another publisher in Italy – and in other countries.

There are another three books in the pipeline, and I really hope to finish my how-to eBook as well. With my new Nikon D5300 I’m hoping to take more fantastic photos this coming year as well – I feel really inspired by my new kit!!

Season’s Greetings everyone!


13th October 2013

Completed the final edit of Football Crazy 3 during the week. Today I’ve sent off the legal deposit information for the electronic versions of all eight of my novels, set up the Facebook group page for the WTSMP series and fixed a minor problem on the WTSMP Weebly website and it’s not even 11 o’clock yet! πŸ™‚

This is the link to the Facebook WTSMP Group page:

Bear with me, as it’s still in it’s infancy. πŸ™‚

Whilst I was compiling all the book information, I realised that I’ve technically published five novels this year, although Part 1 and 2 were re-writes, but still. What an achievement! πŸ™‚


14th September 2013

Today we signed copies of my series at The Pitshanger Bookshop in Ealing. We met the lovely Fiona, who runs her beautiful bookshop on a quaint street in Ealing. I’m sure copies are going to sell well in such a unique location!

Waterstones and Foyles, to name two big bookselling businesses, today celebrated the project Books Are My Bag. The fight is to bring back interest in the independent bookshops and this is an important culture to nurture. I’m pleased to do my (small) bit to help πŸ™‚


27th August 2013

Today I’ve sent out seven copies of my third book to seven lucky winners on the Goodreads Giveaway.

I’m also getting enquiries back from independent bookshops about stocking my novels, it’s a mixed response but even those that don’t deal in the fiction genre or who now basically sell over the Internet, at least they are now aware of my name and my work. Bonus! πŸ™‚

I’m away to update my finances and hopefully finish London’s Dark Lines, then I’ll be writing more on Football Crazy 3. Busy day for me, as usual πŸ™‚


18th August 2013

I’ve just revamped the cover image for the first Football Crazy eBook, and designed the cover for the third instalment in the trilogy. Yesterday, I held a brainstorming session via Twitter and my Facebook page for the name and I’ve chosen Football Crazy 3: The Hat-trick. Here’s a sneak peak.



17th August 2013

Last night, I created 8 pages of independent booksellers in London to target in order to bring a wider audience to WTSMP! πŸ™‚

I have two months to finish Football Crazy 3 before it’s expected release date of 29th October, and I’m hoping to wrap up my first ghost writing project soon as well. πŸ™‚


30th July 2013

Today we are exchanging contracts with an Italian publisher, Volume Edizioni, so that they have the rights for the Italian translations of the WTSMP in eBook format in Italy, for one year.

I’ve selected publishers from other countries and invited them to work with us to produce the WTSMP series globally. Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Argentina, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, Italy. Watch this space for more news as it happens πŸ™‚


9th July 2013

Yesterday the fresh batch of Book 1 arrived from Imprint Digital and they’re perfect. Most appropriately, the last royalties cheque arrived from Melrose signifying the complete closure of my contract with them to produce my first Sax Man book. What a journey it’s been!! There are photos on the Publicity page relating to the ending of the new contract and the new book ! πŸ™‚

Today, I met again with Steve for more research on our ghost writing project, London’s Dark Lines. He’s pleased with how it’s progressing, as am I, so we hope to have it finished soon. I’m already about half way through Football Crazy 3, and with an expected publication date of end of October, there’s plenty time built in.


1st July

Yesterday the Goodreads Giveaway to support the relaunch of my second book finished – and those lucky 7 that won a copy have had their books posted today. Β πŸ™‚

This week I’m going to update my photography portfolio, have the new batch of relaunched book 1 delivered and hopefully start the global publicity ball rolling. Such excitement!


27th June 2013 – my 31st birthday!

Due to a slight technical hitch, the second edition of my first Sax Man book will not be available to sell until middle or end of next week. I’ve cancelled the listing on Amazon’s marketplace and will renew it when the books are available to be sent out. The listings for my other books still stand.


23rd June 2013

This morning I sorted through the best photos that I’d taken over last week at Eastbourne, and uploaded 108 of the best. There are thousands though!!

I’ve also corrected a few tweaks on the book jacket for the reprinting of my first book, so I hope it’ll be perfect second time around. I’m still really really impressed with my printers, Imprint Digital. These guys are the best, by far and away.

I seem to have come back from Eastbourne with man flu, which has settled nastily in my sinuses. Great! We were going to Wimbledon tomorrow but I can’t face it. I hope we can still go to Cambridge on my birthday on Thursday though πŸ™‚

Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚


June 9th, 2013

I’ve just finished another edit of my second edition of book 1 – and registered the details with Nielsen. On Thursday last week, my contact with Melrose officially finished as a delivery of my share of the remaining books arrived – all 437 of them!! I’ve picked a publication date of my birthday πŸ™‚ I will give the manuscript another look before sending it off to Jamie for a proof. I’m so excited to see it.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks, with the book finished, and our holiday to Eastbourne coming up – and then we’re going to see Dave in concert in Soho on July the 2nd. Β πŸ™‚


26th May 2013

I’ve just registered the new book (2nd Edition of Book 2) with Nielsen and sent off the relevant paperwork to my wonderful printers, Imprint Digital. I’ve chosen the publication date of July 8th, my best friend’s 30th birthday, as a tribute to her. It’s a shame I can’t be with her on that day, but I’m getting home to see her a few weeks later. She’s one of my biggest fans, naturally, and I think the tribute is rather fitting. I hope she likes the idea as much as I do!

I’ll be working on the second edition of my first book – and my third Football Crazy book. We’re off to Eastbourne soon to record the British grass court tennis season (weather permitting!) My camera bag has a waterproof hood, just in case it’s required. (I’m sure it will!)


21st May 2013

Yesterday I trooped to the Post Office with my parcels of books for the first ever WTSMP Goodreads Giveaway. It didn’t cost too much to send them out, and when I investigate the postage costs for sending abroad, the figures were more like what I was expecting. I’ll see what happens so as to determine how many to send to the US and Canada in the next Goodreads Giveaway.

It’s now less than four weeks until we head off on our annual pilgrimage to Eastbourne for the British grass Tennis season. My IT manager showed me tonight where I was going wrong with AfterShotPro, the photo editing software we’ll be using on our Ubuntu run laptops. Thankfully, it’s now working as it should be. I had visions of HOURS of work sorting the thousands of photos I’m going to take. My new Nikon 18-300 lens will be getting greatly used – as will my SPF 50 suntan lotion, I hope!!

Upon our return, I’ll be concentrating my efforts on producing the second editions of my first and second Sax Man books. Watch this space! πŸ™‚

12th May 2013

Today I finished the first edit of the second edition of my first Sax Man novel. Yesterday, I redesigned the book cover. As those of you who have followed my progress from day one will know, I wasn’t impressed by the fact that I had no control over the design of the book jacket or the book layout when the first book in the WTSMP series was launched, back in 2009.

I’m looking at the dates in my schedule for the release of the second editions of my first and second novels later this year. As usual, you’ll hear it here first! πŸ™‚

17th April 2013

London Book Fair 2013 has now finished. It’s been a rollercoaster but we’ve made so many contacts and learnt so much about how to go forward. We will be holding giveaways on Goodreads, with the first one being for my first book. Watch this space. The giveaway should start tomorrow, once it’s authorised.


30th March 2013

Happy Easter to everyone!

This week I’ve been plotting my next three novels, yes three, you did read that right, and of course there’s still my ghost writing project, London’s Dark Lines, in the pipeline.

Only 16 days until London International Book Fair commences. I’m excited at having such a fantastic opportunity to showcase my work to the world of publishing.

Work is going well this cold snowy Easter weekend on Football Crazy 3. πŸ™‚


17th March 2013

Today I’ve finished the A5 flyer for the WTSMP series for London International Book Fair. The first review on Amazon is up for my fifth Sax Man book, and the link is live for my second football book.


25th February 2013

Last week we launched the fifth and final instalment in the When The Sax Man Plays series, and in 10 days time to coincide with World Book Night/Day the sequel to Football Crazy will be released and ready to download onto your Kindle. Work is still progressing well with my ghost writing project London’s Dark Lines and WTSMP Publications are heading to London International Book Fair in April πŸ™‚ It’s been a very busy start to the new year.


15th January 2013

I feel rather pleased with myself as I’ve just registered the new book with Neilsen. It’ll take 3-4 weeks to get into the system, and I chose a launch date of the 12th of February – exactly 4 weeks today! Mass excitement!

However, I now have a looming deadline… Fortunately, I’m so far ahead with my writing that all I have to do is edit. I finalised the details of the book jacket with my IT manager the other day, and sent it as usual out into the wide world for approval! πŸ™‚

Generally, I perform 5-6 edits of a script before sending it out to my printing companyΒ Imprint Digital. The team help me iron out any problems with the cover so that the finished product looks truly stunning. I’ve recommended them many times, and will continue to do so for many years.

I had a problem with the company I used for books 2 and 3 with regards to quality of the finished books, so I will have these re-done. I had book 3 re-done with Imprint last year, and once I’ve finished editing book 5 for print, I’ll start working on book 2. This is technical, however, as it will be a second edition, and under a different publisher – me! – with a different ISBN. I’ve already done the groundwork, so I hope it won’t be too hard a transition. I have made matters complicated for myself however, as I’ve decided to re-write parts of it.

I also want to re-write parts of book 1 and relaunch that under my own company, but one thing at a time eh? Plus I have my sequel to Football Crazy to complete and put up on Amazon’s Kindle. I’m still looking for cover ideas for it…

Phew. It’s busy here at WTSMP Publications…

11th January 2013

I’ve decided to bring forward the publication of my fifth novel, When The Sax Man Plays Part 5 The Prequel, in time for attendance at this year’s London International Book Fair. I have purchased a whole shelf at LBF to showcase my work, and I’m hoping to get the fifth novel up there too. Look out for more information, you’ll hear it here first – as usual.

The last few months have been busy with musing over my fifth Sax Man novel, my second Football book, editing my good friend Sean Conway’s work – all whilst awaiting the script back from Steve. We’re hoping my ghost writing project, London’s Dark Lines, will be in paperback format this year. I certainly don’t see why not. It’s been written, and Steve is currently adding bits in and changing things around as he wishes, then I’ll have it back to edit and amend as I think, but he has the final say. I’ve been plotting our publication photo, but I won’t give anything away just yet…

I’m also in the midst of changing computers. The new system is Linux Ubuntu, as opposed to Apple Macs. There was no way I was going back to the treacle-slowness of Windows! πŸ™‚


19th October 2013

Work has begun on the sequel to Football Crazy. Tonight I’ve finished the second chapter, as my fans have demanded a sequel. I was very surprised, as I’d initially produced Football Crazy to test the water, and hadn’t actually made any plans for a sequel. I’m trying to decide whether or not I make it a sequel or the middle of another trilogy. LOL I say another, of course my Sax Man trilogy turned into five books….


9th October 2013

I’m working on the Kindle versions of my novels that are autographed. Again technicalities mean that this will be another 24 hours before the books are live. I’ve tested the water with two of my five available novels, which we’ll be able to check up on the formats once they are live in 12-24 hours. I’ll post the links on my main page once all five are live.

I’m still toying with the date of the launch of the fifth and final instalment of the “When The Sax Man Plays” series. I’d originally said Christmas 2013, many of my fans like to have the latest book to read whilst on their summer holidays – and I have a fabulous opportunity to be present at London Book Fair 2013 in April.


24th April 2012

Today I’ve been building a Wix website, there’s also a mobile site too, for smartphone users who cannot properly access ‘normal’ sites.

This is the Wix website all about WTSMP, and this link is for the mobile site:

Apparently the two sites link up (I hope so, it took me all morning to do!)


10 January 2012

Yesterday I was invited to feature on Robert’s Full English Breakfast Show. The series is being transmitted via YouTube, and it’s a great privilege to be invited onto the show. Filming will commence in a fortnight’s time, and to be honest, I’m both thrilled and petrified, as this will be my first televised interview.

My host, Robert Gray, agreed to be featured in my next book (as well as his career in acting, he also owns a B&B in Greenwich, Number 16) – thus there is much work to be done!


7 January 2012

In a fortnight’s time, we will be meeting with the actor Robert Gray himself to discuss his forthcoming chapter in my next book, to coincide with London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

I’m hoping also soon to upgrade my pocket camera so it will be easier for me to post more photos and of course follow the excitement that is London 2012.


27-12-11 OK, so it’s not 2012 yet, but it will be soon!

Today is Jason Bottelli’s birthday, all of my fans will know this. I’ll soon be writing the last scene for the next book; but it’s not the last one, as the Prequel will be the last. I want to make this clear, as it’s in this book that Jason meets his maker.

I had no idea when I sat down to write my first ‘proper’ novel to be published that I’d make such an incredible journey with my characters. Jason is as real to me as your own family members, so writing the scene where he dies was probably the most difficult I’ve ever done. I hope that I have completed the scene ‘correctly’; certainly I believe that it is not a scene that needs a graphic, descriptive passage.

I know I’ll never make it as good a saxophone player as he is, because he was born musically gifted. (Wish I was!) His career spanned many decades, and just like his (and my own) idol, Dave Koz, he enjoyed every moment of it. He was ever
grateful to the people that helped him, in any way, large or small, and so am I. Without them all, there would not have been the WTSMP series. So to you all, you know who you are, I thank you, and so does Jason.


Thursday 1st December 2011

Received a royalties cheque today from Melrose for my first book. Always lovely to open those envelopes and bank those cheques. That’s one thing I will miss being my own publisher, as any payments will be coming direct so royalty cheques won’t technically exist!


Saturday 17th September 2011

Took my precious sax for repair today and the guys at Sax London were fantastic as usual, I’m highly impressed with their service. Glad I gave them an acknowledgement in my new book. Paul was in charge today and he was impressed I’m publishing the book myself!


18th August 2011

It’s been a year since WTSMP 2 was launched in paperback, so there’s a Twitter q&a session today to commemorate this. Look out for facts throughout the day.


June 23rd 2011

Seems Kindle ebooks are out selling paperbacks now, and prices are lowering all the time. Set my 4 to $1.59 now to compete!


June 12th 2011

Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Torino – as spotted in the Arndale Centre, Eastbourne. Posing with one of my infamous Radley picture bags!

Cloudscape from Eastbourne Pier

On the first day of the tennis here in Eastbourne I was mistaken for a tennis player. Here I am posing by one of the players’ courtesy cars!

Yesterday was the first day of qualifying and I took 400+ photos. Getting back into the swing of being photographer and not author! πŸ™‚


Tues 17 May 2011

Just sorted Kindle! Polished versions of the Trilogy coming in the next 48 hours, thanks to my IT expert!


Thursday 12 May 2011

Yesterday was the second anniversary of WTSMP!


Sunday 8 May 2011

With the help of Adrian, the manager at Sax London, I’ve just finished a scene in Book 5 where Jason has to replace his trusty saxophone. It was a tricky thing for me to do, with my limited knowledge, so I’d like to put a note of extra thanks to Adrian from here.

Adrian must have laughed when he read his emails, informing me that he’d never advised a theoretical sax player before! I knew he’d do a sterling job. I’ve never been let down by any of the guys at Sax London, from my first purchase of AJ, to my eternal quest for the best reed, to my impulsive upgrade to my fabulous Selmer. How wonderful it would be to find myself in Jason Bottelli’s situation – able to walk into the store and not leave until I had the best instrument money could buy. Coincidentally Jason comes home with a Selmer….

Monday 2nd May

The best three images from this morning’s photo session with my new look and my new Selmer La Vie saxophone. Isn’t she beautiful?


Tuesday 26th April 2011

I’ve been watching the rankings on Amazon, and they’re climbing once more! It seems my promoting is working, although that has been put on the back burner somewhat over the last few weeks as I had the stuffing completely knocked out of me with this cold/flu bug, which developed into sinusitis.

I have major withdrawal symptoms, having not played my sax for more than two weeks! Worse, I haven’t even managed to write much in this time. So today I made up for it, writing the first two chapters of Book 5. Let’s hope I can fully shake this illness soon.

There are three possibles for my third publisher, and I’m desperate to have a Christmas paperback launch for the final instalment of the WTSMP trilogy.


Sunday 27th February 2011

Just thought I’d best check my WTSMP email address, there has been only junk so far, so imagine my reaction when I discover an email from Dave Koz himself sitting in my inbox!


Saturday 22nd January 2011

Adrian and Paul very kindly posed with me, a Selmer and a copy of my two books today in Sax London. Paul assisted my (dreadful) Soprano playing – we have decided the fault is with me, not the instrument. LOL. I knew that all along! Thank you Paul, you didn’t laugh too much when I proclaimed this fact. πŸ™‚

Very excited to sign the first copies of Part 2 in Trafalgar Square today!

This afternoon, Gower Street and Hampstead Heath branches ordered in their copies, with Oxford Street and Piccadilly to follow up. Next ‘tour’ will take in Ludgate Circus, Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Chelmsford, Holborn and many others!


14 January 2011
Received a beautiful letter of praise from a man we met on holiday two years ago for my two novels. ‘so beautifully written’ and ‘ not only have I enjoyed reading them because they led me into a world of bands and music with which I am not too familiar but mainly because they were written with such ease and cleverness and with such craft in keeping the what happens next factor that I found it very difficult to put them down once I had started reading.’

Glowing praise indeed!




Very old blog posts –

Sunday 25th April 2010

Today I did most of the polishing for my limited edition eBook ‘Football Crazy’. This is completely different to the WTSMP series, and is specially written to coincide with the forthcoming 2010 World Cup. I’ll post the link to the book here when it’s ready to go!

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Finally some time to report on my blog! It’s been a busy few weeks.

Today I have finalised the second book signing in Bishops Stortford Waterstones, even bringing the Events Manager some beautiful A3 posters for the front of the store. (Shall have to remember to take a picture when we’re there!) My thanks to the wonderful men at Premier Print for their continuing superb work!

Finalising Book 2, will take more time than I imagined. I need to find another Italian translator, as the man I had lined up admits that his grammatical Italian isn’t quite up to the job! Help! LOL.

It looks like Book 2 will go to a Print On Demand publisher, which means that the price will be increasing, therefore I have altered the ending to incorporate another 100 or so pages taken from Book 3. Ah, I love the hindsight of being ahead! I’m thrilled with our new ending.

Sunday 16th May 2010

So last Tuesday was our first anniversary of WTSMP. I’m still awaiting response from my preferred choice of publisher for Book 2. There are four weeks until we are officially Weston Photographics on our annual trip to Eastbourne for the tennis. Despite being unable to bear getting up at 4am last year to queue for Wimbledon tickets, I actually rather missed it! So I’ll be getting out of bed early again this year…. groan!

Yesterday I had the day off from writing and put on my photographer cap – heading to a local nature reserve, Fishers Green, in the morning, then spending the afternoon with Gill and her daughter, Ellie, at Sawbridgeworth Tennis Club. Gill had requested photos of her daughter playing tennis, and I was more than happy to oblige! The photos were excellent, and while Ellie didn’t win her ‘rubbers’ the standard of play was superb!

Coming soon in the land of WTSMP is Inverness next weekend, then Greenwich, Oxford Street and Gower Street.


Monday 31st May 2010

Finally got the photo from Inverness from my photographer!


Sunday 27th December 2009

Ironically, this is Jason Bottelli’s birthday. He is one extraordinary man! As we speak, more people are reading his story – and hopefully wanting to know what happens next!

I’m editing Book 2 and to my horror, it’s not as ready as I thought it was. There are three publishers vying for the honour of getting Book 2 under their wings, which explains my confidence in having it on shelves in 2010.

And now, a minute’s contemplation to the demise of the Borders stores. A sad era. Where will it end?


11/05/2009 – a momentous day! The books are here! Upon first inspection, they look great! πŸ™‚

The first copy! At last!

The first copy! At last!


12 – 18/05/2009 – the actual distribution of promotional copies to magazines, newspapers and reviewers begins in earnest! Including a lengthy spell at the local post office and a hike around London hand-delivering 14 book bundles!

We got excited weeks ago when the Amazon rank shot up by 1,000,000 places but we’ve seen a record high position of 10,000.

19-05-09 – In preparation for uploading a sax video, I’ve been experimenting in iMovie with a 22 second video of the St Ives seals. Paste this link to see for yourself!

Last week saw my idol, Dave Koz, visit town, unfortunately I couldn’t meet him but I’m pleased to report that the guys at Sax London did. They are proudly displaying this photo on their website (Dave is in the middle):

Dave Koz meets the guys at Sax London

Dave Koz meets the guys at Sax London

What I would give to be there with the guys!!

(7th June 2009) sitting here making my lists in preparation for heading to our annual seaside holiday in Eastbourne. Did I mention my husband and I are photographers? (See Some holiday! I take around 500 shots a day – this year there’s a mens competition as well, so I expect that figure will rise greatly. (gulp) Each night we clear our memory cards after downloading, sort the best photos in folders, name the photos… oh boy! I’m severely out of practice having invested so much time in the book and the promotion. Still! I’m looking forward to it….and I’m hoping to sell a few books while I’m there. Our hotel is right on the seafront, so we’re guaranteed a great view morning and night! πŸ™‚

The view of the sun rising (approx 4.30AM) from our hotel window!

The view of the sun rising (approx 4.30AM) from our hotel window!

Perhaps we’ll have a walk along the beach before breakfast, like we did on the morning of our wedding! Such a shame that the beach is all shingle, and it gets washed away! I can’t wait to be there, inhaling the fresh sea air, being woken by the screaming seagulls at six o’clock……. And of course, AJ is coming with us this time, as I have to practice (practice, practice, practice) for the forthcoming Harlow Music Festival.


Saturday June 27th 2009 – Bishops Stortford Waterstones store is the first to join up to stock copies of my book, which I’ll be signing in a few weeks. We may also have a book signing session later in the year. In July/August, we are holding the official launch signing for When the Sax Man Plays at Waterstones Hatfield.

This is rather heartening news for me, as I was gutted to hear that Waterstones will not centrally stock my book. (This means that they would do all the work on my behalf, oh well, never mind!) Away to spend several more hours, and stamps, sending out invitation notices to several Waterstones stores and HMV stores as well.


Saturday 11 July 2009 – Harlow Music Festival, from 12 noon.

My main stage slot is now 2.40 and there is talk of playing in several locations around the town as well! Gulp! I did debate on taking Lavendar as well as AJ, but will stick to my old faithful! πŸ™‚ We’re going to have a video uploaded from the performance, so keep watching out! I’m away to get ready, so wish me luck! :

My thanks to the team at HMF, we all had a great time. Extra thanks to Richard, who was brave enough to invite me to play, and who took the photos. Here is my fanclub. LOL.



L-R – Gill (my playing partner), Dawn, Chris, myself and AJ, Liz, with my husband in the background. My wonderful workmates. It was so ….I cannot describe how nice it was to have a following!


Tuesday 14th July 2009 – Good news!

Waterstones stores in Trafalgar Square; Hatfield and Bishops Stortford will have copies of my book available to buy instore as of next week. I’m going around and signing those copies as well. Watch this space for pictures! Waterstones Oxford Street are contemplating stocking copies, so if you’re in London and you want a copy they will happily order you one! That was worth walking my feet off for today!


Tuesday 21st July 2009

The first Waterstones signing happened this morning, here I am posing with the book instore. πŸ™‚


Tuesday 28th July 2009 – Plotting to sweet talk the owners of the Waterstones stores in Chelmsford into ordering in some copies. Hopefully. Went on Sat to sign the copies at Trafalgar Square and they hadn’t arrived instore! Not impressed! Means another trip into London, just as well it’s only a stone’s throw away really…

Woohoo! Just signed up High Street Chelmsford Waterstones – will be signing a few copies there in the next few weeks. Arrived home to find another publisher is interested in Book 2. πŸ™‚


Tuesday 4th August 2009

Another rainy London day, nonetheless I was determined to get to Waterstones in Trafalgar Square for the signing. (Look slightly dishevelled in this one!)

WTSMP in Trafalgar Square branch

WTSMP in Trafalgar Square branch

Starting to really feel a sense of achievement now! πŸ™‚ Next stops Chelmsford and Hatfield.


Sunday 9th August 2009

Yesterday I encouraged Waterstones Hatfield to take a few copies of the book, despite having an agreement already. App they were waiting for me to come in before they ordered any, which is fair enough.

This morning spent three hours editing book 3, and to my horror, I realised that there are many ‘gaps’ in it. The flow is not as smooth and I remember now that I’ve left myself those gaps in order to let the ideas flow as they have struck me. Gulp. But it’s good in a way, because it’s reviewing the information I’ve already given about Jason’s background, all the things that I’m currently writing in the Prequel. Oh Boy.

I’m also writing more in the WTSMP diary – perhaps I shall start to blog those as well, and merge the two. It’s an intense experience, and I do often wonder if it will be a one-off or not. Life is very complicated, as Jason has learnt!


Wednesday 26th August 2009

This has been an eventful week in the history of WTSMP. We had the launch of the eBook version of Book 2, available for download from iTunes – and today I had a visit from the Harlow Town Library Manager (Nick), clutching a copy of my book in his hands! πŸ™‚

Really great news to see it available for those who can’t get to the bookshops and of course, will spread the word about my writing! Nick even promised to buy in a copy of Book 2 when it is released next year! Yes!!


Sunday 30th August 2009

Just back from a busy weekend in London with my best buddy Kat and her mum and several friends (all Invernesian). Had a proud moment last night in the taxi home from TigerTiger – Kat was telling the driver did he know he had an author in his cab? Funnily enough we were right outside Trafalgar Square, waiting at the traffic lights, so I told him he could nip in and get a signed copy whenever he wanted! It was the way she said it, she was fiercely proud of me. πŸ™‚


Tuesday 1 September

Another image for the WTSMP library – the first royalties cheque! How nice this is!

The First Cheque

The First Cheque


Sunday 20th September 2009

Here’s a family photo from Harlow Library with the for-hire copy of the book!



Received a very intriguing comment on the book on Amazon:

“Oh no” I thought – not a book about students! Being a retired teacher that would be the last subject I would want to read about. Anyway, I persisted and was rewarded by an enjoyable read. There are enough loose ends and twists in the plot to keep one engaged and which, hopefully, will be tied up in parts 2 (and 3?). I am, however, a sucker for happy endings and will be disappointed if Jason and Georgie don’t get it together. Yvonne, you have been warned!

…..I had to laugh though! πŸ™‚


Sunday 8th November 2009

Deeply excited to post that we have our first official signing on December 12th, and that stocks of the book will be available in more London stores in the next few weeks. πŸ™‚

Our Calendar is filling up fast, between store visits, signings, the official signing and caroling session (!), and private gigs.