On the Media page, you’ll find copies of articles about my work, photos from signings and videos.


Here are the links to my YouTube videos.

My first attempt at recording, not much to see but just listen:

The first live video from my book signing in my local Waterstones (Bishops Stortford) :

The video of my slot at Harlow Music Festival in 2009. Watch for the comical part:

A video from my Christmas book signing in 2010, again in my local Waterstones store :

My episode of “Robert’s Full English Breakfast Show”.

A video from London International Book Fair 2013, where I exhibited my books.



Article from the Writer’s News (April 2013)


Article from the Writer’s News (June 2012)


Article from the local newspaper (December 2011)

Article in the Writer’s News (January 2012)

Article in the local newspaper (November 2010)

Article in the Writer’s News (October 2010)

Article in the local newspaper about Harlow Music Festival

First article in the Writer’s News about my work (May 2009)

First local newspaper article about my work (May 2009)


Photos from Book Signings and Events

WTSMP at Chelmsford

The First Royalties Cheque

Promotional photoshoot for the launch of my fourth novel, which coincides with London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

Amongst the Olympic rings at Kew, and amongst the crowd at the Countdown Clock in Trafalgar square. (More photos on the Home page!)


Yvonne's New Titles Showcase 5 Book Image



Yvonne and Dave Koz, posing with Yvonne’s fifth Sax Man book (Pizza Express Jazz Club, 2nd July 2013)

Dave and Yvonne 2013 web




Yvonne holds the last royalties cheque from Melrose, wrapping up the agreement to produce her first Sax Man book – and rather fittingly, in her other hand, Yvonne has a copy of the new version of the first Sax Man book. Well done Yvonne!

Last Melrose Chq and new book by me!

Beneath is the copy of the second editions of both my first and second Sax Man books, as produced under my own imprint. 🙂

Two New Books by me!